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The nonconceptual experience of our being
is love

This place in time & space is devoted to rediscover, acknowledge and celebrate the truth of Our Self beyond words, happenings or things.

For this we use words, happenings; things.

This is the art of our being.

To know the true reality of the one self is a gift. As our knowing deepens its own understanding, it taps the waters of the wisdom of experience deep within the soil of living grace.

The happening that is life goes on unfolding, yet now we know who we are not. The unfolding then takes place in the unknowable mystery of "ordinary" life.


Our experience can be such as that of a listener, deeply listening to itself in perfect silence forever

Beyond the perception of experiences is the absolute silence that is always listening to our world. Should we ever comprehend this, the listener and the listened to would merge. Then peace re-enters our world of experiences in time and space and circumstances are shown to be void yet full.

The truth of our self shines and shimmers beyond discrimination. Our absoluteness is of such completeness and totality that there is no room for any other than itself.

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